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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Like Texture?

 Hey, Friends! Do you like Texture Blog? We sure hope so. 
Do you like us on Facebook? We thought so, but...

As we saw the count of Facebook "Likers" climbing here on the main blog, there was no corresponding increase on the actual Facebook page. Something was up. After a little investigation (OK, let's call it a learning curve) we realized that we'd installed the wrong Facebook application on the blog page.
If your intention was to "like" the Facebook page for Texture, please come back to the blog and hit that "Like" button again! That'll ensure that Texture updates land right on your wall.

We really appreciate your interest, and we especially appreciate the photos we've received from some of you. Please keep sharing your favourite or new-found textures and we promise to do the same!

Thanks! B&J

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