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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Calling all Friends of Bobo Feed! Please read the message below... seems facebook is mad at us! Apparently having an account for an entity as opposed to a real live person is a no no. Doesn't matter how fascinating or fabulous. You must live and breathe to have an account.

Bee can be Bee, Jay can be Jay, but Bobo Feed can only be a Page! Fortunately,

In a short time we will close the Bobo Feed account that you have friended. 
click on the LIKE button and you'll continue to recieve all the updates 
(plus a few goodies we stumble upon then share on the bobofeed facebook page that never make it onto the main blog. That's added incentive to LIKE us, we think!)
Of course, about 27 of you already do like the bobofeed page, so a big thank-you for that!
We value the support that ALL of you- Likers & Friends- have provided since we started
and we hope you'll want to stick with us!

(Sorry for the interruption! More cool texture coming your way soon!)

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